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About Us

About Us

Summer Harvest is in the business of transforming land into real estates that are catered to the needs and demands of our clients. Ranging from single storey terrace units to iconic bungalows, and even business units, we are constantly dotting Negeri Sembilan with our signature.


We have marked our presence in Negeri Sembilan since 1999 with our construction, trading, and manufacturing arms supporting our cause above. Led by a group of people who has over 35 years experience in the field, we are confident that your investment in us would bring you amazing returns.


Our promise is to continue maintaining excellence, constantly challenging and pushing boundaries that are set by the rest and emerging not just the best in our class but ensuring your satisfaction and fulfillment in us. Together, we make life happen.

Mission: To be a recognized for our:


A team with competence, diligence and innovation who work closely with our clients.


We aim to supply superior quality products and services at competitive prices.


We are committed to deliver premium services and products in a timely fashion.

Vision: To be a reputable and leading provider of choice properties.

Completed Projects:
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